One Year.

Exactly one year ago today - Labor Day 2015 - my little family left our life in Wisconsin and began our trek to the great Pacific Northwest.

When we decided to make the move, knowing that we were moving for a job for my husband, my wise older sister kept urging me to "gather my stuff and get a website put together already." Well, it's only taken a year and then some, but I have done just that.

Over the past year I've been stripped of my identity in so many ways - this lifelong Midwesterner, passionate about my vocation and the people in my communities - spending many mornings regrettably not getting my teeth brushed and throwing on a jacket to hide my pajamas in order to get my kindergartener dropped off at school in time. It hasn't been pretty, but in the stripping down I've grown, as usually tends to happen when we feel as though we're being chiseled down to nothing.

What's emerged for me in the course of it all is that I'm going to have to make my own new way, grounded in who I am and where I've come from but slowly growing roots in this new place. The grace of a turbulent year has been new, unexpected opportunities taking flight, reminding me that hope always exists, especially in the unknown.

So, I've landed. I'm taking root and breathing in the possibility. I hope to meet you here.

Mariah LeFeber